Sunday, April 15, 2001

sorry thongs, i have absolutely nothing to write
mullets mullets mullets

mm, i havent done my homework.

Saturday, April 14, 2001

mm, heh,,

lucky thongs reminded me,
his page is at


gaaah, today i went down to bugis to get the craig david tix, but it's 18 and above only, so
but dont worry, hopefully we'll go and track craig down
:o) (this smiley reminds me of oggy and the cockroaches)

i just cleaned up my mark picture archive, er, if you must know, i STILL have go 95 of them left,excluding group pics with westlife
how does this guy get his face around the web so much?
not that im complaining

mmm, tomorrow got grosse pointe, must remember to watch

i went out with alicia and cindy, met them, etc. watched antitrust. if there's 1 word to describe ryan phillippe (phil-luh-pee), it's "phwoar!"

me and eenie have been swapping christian ingebrigtsen and mark feehily piccies. next up, jeremy mhire? ryan phillippe? who knows?

"Christian Ingebrigtsen!
*Facts About Handsome Christian
*Are You Sure You Know Everything About The Blond Guy...?"

eenie, "january babies" include simone. pity. *may* babies rule! sunshine and flowers all around~ (particularly, the end of the month, like... the 28th...)

Saturday, April 07, 2001

googoogaagaa~ i havent posted yesterday's blog, but oh well actually i dont really know what to write, LAH!!!

spent all my hyper energy yesterday harassing people about craig david, haahaa!~!~!~! eh, i want to go chase him with thongsies and boburchacha~!~! hehe, chasing practice mah! no lah, wait *aStRo* get angry... yesterday he thought i was implying that craig is not as good as westlife so im just using him for practice. harhar!!~! i like craig but i like mark more WHAT!!!!!!! oi ASTRO and BOBUR, must make craig david shirts OKIE?????


sollie got no poem today !

Friday, April 06, 2001

garrrh!!! :o) thongs is soooooooo loveable today, who could resist those smileys???

today is quite sian leh, i tell you hor, actually i havent really done any work except a few worksheets, which is mostly KOPI wan~!

QuOtE of the DaY~!!!!!!!:
*** hYdRoXiDe has quit IRC (Quit (Hi. i am from Fa Lun Gong. my hobbies are collecting sea shells and burning myself.))


yay, today i posted my poetry on the postkid forum!!!!!!!!!!
*when sometimes the world goes wrong
and it seems like nobody is sOnG!~
although the rest of the world may be very teh
but remember that he qian is the most SeH~~!!*

song bo??? miao also got poem leh!!!!
*i write a pretty poem
hee hee hee
i draw a pretty flower
for you and for me
i got alliteration
but no irony

HAA HAA HAAA!!! (oh god, alliteration, the pain, the pain)

Thursday, April 05, 2001

miao's bloggie is here:
bobo's bloggie is here:

i think jonny ong should make one also..., listening or not?????
QuotE of the dAy!~!~!~!~!!
"Hey guys, don't need to be so kiasu." - mr. ng boon kiat, hod/gep, dunman high school
pd~_~bq actually its from a few days ago lar!! just lazy to put up OnLiE~~

i dunno what to write leh!~!~! eh, i already blogged-ded something this morning in weiyang's house.. supposed to do homework lah, but of course as expected i didnt reallie achieve much... SONG BO???!~!

i feel like writing a poem leh, but dunno what to write about~~~ miao also want to blogblog lar...... eh independent women, i think my house no kentang lah!!! GAAAAHH!!!!~~ :o) sollie hor!!

aiyah, nothing to write leh.................. of course i feel like talking about kram, but i think you all already know everything there is to know liao~

*** ChEv`|E has quit IRC (Quit (When It Comes To Love, Two Hearts Are Inseparable... Tiam In Le GrĂ¡ Shane! @}--`--,---))
"tiam in le gra shane" wah, i sibeh *no comment*, SONG BO?~!~!? TIAM LA!!!!! ^_^

Wednesday, April 04, 2001

oh yarh, burbur, we are not making chili kentang lah!~!~! we must make potato pancakes!!! you know in the 2nd chapter of the book friedrich, got a potato pancake recipe leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i made one new resolution today and that is
EVERYDAY MUST WRITE 1 POEM!!!!!!!!!!~!~!~!~!~!~
--<--<@ (ugly shit colour wan)

today's poem
*pringles are hot and spicy
they are made of kentang dehidrat
but mark is also hot and spicy
although he is not made of kentang dehidrat*

hee hee!!!! nice or not??????????? i know very lan lar... not as good as bobochacha's hor... but nevermind lahZZ, i will try and improve everyday okieZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ???

teh teh, i am very lan4 at sending mobile messages leh, cos my fingers are too beeeeg for the keypad, can give me some keypad-pressing lessons?? soultrain is a very long word LEH!!!!!!!!!! SONG BO???? what the TIAM am i talking about har????

i teach you an irish phrase hor... yesterday someone told me on irc.. "tiam (something) le gra shane". means... "im in love with shane" wah, er, no comment.

AUNTY ALICIA your mass comm can get in or not???

byebye and ask brayden to stop harassing me hor

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

teh teh i quest sux big time!~!!~!
i tell you ah, this type of homework surely nobody can finish... everybaddi is either gayle-bashing or gayle-defending, and as for me, i just go onto the forums everyday to tell the world how much i love kram and my fellow krammers!~! harharhar, i also everyday go on irc and harass people :o) you know lar... this scheme duzzen work, een my humble opinion, cos all i've been doing so far is drooling all over kram pictures, heh heh.

*smuah!* i love kram even more after listening to we are one (from the first album)... eeeed's all eeen the way you look addeeet that makes you strawng, we were two.... now weeee are one ohhhhhh... ooohh yeah, OH YEAH!~! as mervyn sayz... it's very shiokadelic. very exciting lar, his voice... eh aunties ar... must go and watch a monkey's tale hor.. i heard that show got we are one in it :o) or issit some other song? aiyah, so many things to watch.

everyday i ring up 12 hours of net time, i hope i dont exceed lah (but of course i wont, got so many thousand hours, what kind of person can exceed?) heheehehe!! today im supposed to start (can we stuh-rt??) on my iquest but of course , so far, i've only printed out a few pieces... HOW?!?!?!~ you all must help me hor......!!! i very lan at motivating myself you know!~!~!

bring on the jonny ong enthu symbols !~!~!~!!~~!~!!~!!

i have a community message: JUST SAY NO TO BASKETBALL!!!!!!!! remember, BASKETBALL POLLUTES THE MIND!~! basically, playing basketball is exposing yourself to aromaradiation, and all the disgusting smells will FILTH your mind!~!~! we must play games like tennis, badminton, football, dancing, partying, and things like rollerblading (right joel!?), aything also can, but basketball cannot!! eh, i want to go for tennis lessons leh... then next time i can go to the feehily farm and play tennis with kram! phwoar!~ no wonder he got this type of biceps man!*~!

mmm,heh,, tim tay, we all cannot watch movie for a very long time lah,, dont always ask us can?? already have so much work!~! go and cook some more KENTANG for us!~! oh yah, speaking of kentang, today i just watched seasonbyseason, or something along that name, then they cooked potatoes, dug out all the soft crumbly KENTANG flesh, added flour and a lot of crap, and mashed into dough!~! shiokadelic man~! i want also!!!!! give us more kentang recipes lar.... aunty.... give me some naked chef tapes leh, i want to cook like him!~!

i write poem also!!
*naughty pussy kat
you are very fat
you have buttery mashed kentang with cream cheese and garnish (issit from naked chef recipe har??) on your whiskers
i also want to eat, why you never invite me!!!!!???*

hehehe!! no lar, i write one more
*i wish i could just make ya turn around
turn around and see me cry
why you never invite me to eat kentang with you????
gimme a reason why!!
you're the only one
who really knew how much i like kentang at alllll!!!!~*

aunty bo!! im very lousy at poetry leh!! how come your wan so good?? *i turn to you* for inspiration!~!~!~!~~!!! :o) :o) :o)

sweeet and spicey at the same time
how delicious!~!~! ((i hope you know what im talking about, or else you dont belong here lah!!))

--<--<--@ (deep red colour) dont prick yourself!!!!~! :o)
can you smell what tim tay is cooking?~!~!~? he is cooking KENTANG!~!~! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah!!!!@!@!~!~!

do you love kram too!?? i want to set up a kram klub, singapore-based... so we can contantly HARASS people about our favourite feehily!~!~!

act-chu-ally i dunno what to write here but i must write something cos pee ko asked me to write!~!~!~! so i'm juz trying to waste space by putting up more jonny ong enthu symbols !~!~!~!~!~~!!!!

ay, here's a poem by pee ko for you all:
*oh hail the astro family
as unalluring as the salifin molly
yet worth every attention of a big bowl of kentang*

this morning hor, we were talking abt how to cure shane's greasy face, i think it's even greasier than my hair you know!~!~!~! so naturally we came upon the perfect solution, which is LEMON ACID!!!!! in no time, all the grease will be gone!~!

i must make my hair more greasy, cos i want A MULLET!!!!!!!!!! dont worry, it's growing out lar... you will see me in full fledged mullethood by june!!!~!~!~ muahahahahaha!!! *pops a westlife bubblegum*